Al-Nahdain Mineral Water Company Ltd. is one of Al-Hathrah's companies for Industrial and Trading Group. It is considered to be one of the first groups established in the Republic of Yemen immediately after the revolution and the Group's activity has started in the field of trade and industry in Yemen.

It Works in producing the finest types of mineral water and is considered the first product in terms of quality and sweetness on the whole of Yemen. Where it is subjected to technical supervision in both production and quality of a French international company that is operating in the same field with high specifications and applying the highest standards which carry the distinctive brand (Haddah).

Thanks to adherence to international and local standards in terms of quality, specifications and standards, Al-Nahdain Mineral Water Company Ltd. has a distinguished position in the economic circles.

There is also a distinguished cooperation between us and other international companies in the fields or raw materials purchasing as well as the procurement of spare and maintenance parts required for our production lines'machines.

Since its establishment, Al-Nahdain Mineral Water Company has been striving to provide the highest quality products to its customers. The company continues to grow and develop by seeking new attractive investment opportunities that expand the business base in the economies of different countries and create added value that casts a positive light on individuals and the community.

We believe  that water is one of the essentials of life, which must be a source of healthy food, it can be a cause of contamination of entire human societies if one of the safety standards is violated when produced. Therefore, we are subject to technical supervision in the production and quality of a French international company and strive to renew and follow the highest standards of safety through periodic maintenance and continuous inspection.

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